The Jamesport Group
14141 Rawhide Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75234

Phone: (972) 644-6863
Fax:蹷2) 432-7561

To contact us:

Contact:⯢ert C.  Scott, P.E.



A Letter From The President

Text Box: Founded in 1991, The Jamesport Group offers comprehensive engineering services from concept to completion. Consultation for management is available for the support of design and development processes, technical advice on legal and regulatory matters, marketing analysis, and business start-up activities.

Our services are available for specific assignments or continuing long-term consulting arrangements. Having diversified backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and management, The Jamesport Group stands ready to assist your company, whether large or small, with your specific needs. We can work effectively with your organization to quickly reach your project goals.

Whether working on a project from conception or joining a project in progress, Jamesport's team approach allows us to collaborate with your company's own engineering or management staff to achieve the most effective and efficient results. A major factor in our success is the ability to listen to our clients and discover their unique needs; respond quickly, clearly and creatively to those needs, and above all, to work with honesty and integrity. This approach, along with quality work, allows us the opportunity to form a partnership with your company -- to act as an extension of your own engineering department or management team. We successfully take your ideas and turn them into designs or equipment. Whether you need assistance with total product development or simply require an extra hand to assist with the overflow, Jamesport would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Please take a few moments to review the accompanying material. Learn about our company, our accomplishments, the services we provide, how we do business, and most importantly, our people! With our wide background in many areas of engineering and management, we can be of help to you in the evaluation of alternatives, strategic planning or specific product developments.

Robert C. Scott. P.E. 
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