The Jamesport Group
14141 Rawhide Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75234

Phone: (972) 644-6863
Fax:蹷2) 432-7561

To contact us:

Contact:⯢ert C.  Scott, P.E.



Our Business Model:

All technical information, documentation, etc. furnished by a client or potential client is forever held to be confidential unless such information becomes public knowledge, becomes known to Jamesport through some other legitimate means, or is published. Jamesport will disclose technical information about a project only when instructed to do so by the client. We try to avoid conflicts of interest.


In addition to the usual time and material fee structure, Jamesport also offers innovative alternative pricing structures. This flexibility allows clients to utilize our premier services while reducing their project budgets. Because we are confident of the value we add to a project, we offer the option of a reduced billing rate structure in return for a royalty participation.


Jamesport does not bill for local telephone service (voice, fax or computer), normal copying, mail, the use of our laboratory equipment and facilities, and normal local mileage.


Jamesport does bill for excessive copying and shipping including overnight delivery, additional copies of film artwork, rental of unusual equipment, library research fees, laboratory cost such as FCC, etc., travel costs and the like. As travel time cuts into our working hours, we bill for it, but at a reduced rate.

Invoices are submitted to the client periodically, and payment within 10 days is requested.


Jamesport normally requires a retainer in the amount of one month's estimated billings. The amount of the retainer is deducted from the last invoice sent. If there are excess funds, they are returned.


Patents and copyrights are owned by the client. Jamesport is happy to assist with patent applications if desired. As a matter of course, we will complete copyright applications for all major documents and software programs. There are forwarded to the client for signature and his check to the U.S. Copyright Office. We recommend this filing.

General Business Practices

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